True Smart Technologies is an Online Training Institute, which provides a real time learning experience, delivered by highly skilled professionals, who have years of working experience in IT industry. We bring an excellent training experience directly to your PC’s or laptops through flexible timings. This online software training programme is designed to provide rich learning experience for students using Internet. Through our Online Software training programs we are glad to be of service to our students. We Provide Personalized Online Software Training sessions which are of two hour to Four hours duration each on the days most suited to the Candidates. For every software course the total number of sessions depend upon the Student’s grasp of the topic and his/her willingness to improve. Further, the number of Online Software Training sessions are framed based on the interest and mutual understanding of the student and the trainer. Need-based Online Software Training sessions are also handled with ease.

Spoken English Training

Our lessons focus on improving students’ vocabulary and spoken English skills through situational learning. Our lessons aim at helping learners:

  • Understand basic, spoken English
  • Speak English in daily interactions
  • Read and follow instructions in English
  • Write in English for basic documentation at work
  • Understand and use domain-specific terms